Make That Display

Make That Display

flag guy on mat
flag guy on mat

Now I just have to translate this servo movement into a Detour Guy moving a flag. Next tech: Elmer's glue, foam board, and an X-acto knife.  

First: I have print out Anad's collage and his Detour Guy. 

A lesson learned in the process: Since Kinko's has been taken over by FedEx, printing expertise is in short supply.

On my first two visits to a Kinkos/FedEx I had to instruct the guy at the counter how to work the machines.

Both times, I had strong suspicions that the guy was really a delivery guy, not a printing guy. I suspected this because both times the guys were wearing their delivery uniforms

After that I sought out a dedicated printer guy: the kind of person who does business cards, and tabletop tents FULL TIME. 

My guy: Matt at PostNet, which is a PRINTING chain. As far as I know, they don't do anything else. His assistant Dave is also a printing guy. 

For them printing out versions of Adan's work: easy. 

My next stop: Micheal's, for some foamboard (also known as foamcore). 

Lesson Learned #2. Never go to Michael's without a coupon. You'll be the only one in line without one.

Go online first: they will shower you with coupons. If you forget, the person at the cash register usually has some kind of coupon she can share with you. 

Here's what I picked up at Michael's: 


foam board

Standing at the foamcore bin, I had to remind myself that I was not shopping for a science fair project. No. I was prototyping. Just ask Make:, which asserts that, "Foamcore is a great choice for quick prototyping."


"It is light and stiff, and can be easily adapted as you iteratively work out features of your design. Using simple tools such as a matte knife, a pencil, and a straight edge, you can easily score, fold, and cut foamcore."

Thank you Make:.

An X-acto knife

 x-acto knife

Elegant and cheap. And the only tool to make foamcore do your bidding. 

Elmer's glue

I remind myself again: I'm not working on a Science Fair project. I'm prototyping. 

elmer's glue

A self-healing mat

This was new to me, but it looked familiar from Maker videos I've watched. A good companion to the X-acto knife. Not cheap but your work surface will thank you. 

Olfa rotary mat


This kind of project should be prescribed as an antidote to excessive computer/virtual activity. It's messy, but soothingly tactile. And no one expects slickness in foamcore, do they? 

The Detour Flag guy, so far:

Flag guy on the mat


A Fiverr Find

Servo Success