A Levitation Workshop at Cambridge Hackspace

A Levitation Workshop at Cambridge Hackspace


Magnetic levitation, that is. 

Even so, it's a crowd pleaser. 

I was at an event recently where a guy was displaying his 3D-printed vases by levitating them on cheap-from-China levitation platforms, like this:

levitation device
Levitation device

Most of the people who strolled by asked him about the levitation platform, not his vases, sadly. Including me. I even bought one a few days later, for somewhere between $30-$40. 

And it works, but it's fragile. You have to set it up just right. If someone touches it, it will collapse with a clank, as the magnet slams down to the metal surface. Not a display you can leave unmonitored. 

Still, I was game when Ed Klacza, Cambridge Hackspace prez, offered a workshop on magnetic levitation. 

Here's Ed's description of the workshop: 

Learn about magnetic levitation and assemble your own magnetic levitation thing you can fit in your pocket. Please bring $5 for the cost of the parts if you want to keep one. We'll also laser cut a frame to go around the magnets that you can customize.

Can you see that little square in the plastic container -- it's levitating. 

Levitation photo

Here's a side view. 

Levitation photo #2

And here I am discussing the workshop with Max Rottersman a few days later.