Aww Yeah!
Mixed Reality Challenge!


Let's Go!

- Player One -

Uncover the Clues using
Augmented Reality and Capacitive Touch.

Discover the Secret Word
and Win a Prize!

Takes less than 5 minutes
to play.


- Ready? -



  Mixed Reality Challenge!  


Fab@CIC and Render Coffee are joining forces to explore "Mixed Reality" by inviting you to interact with Augmented Reality, Capacitive Touch, and a prize capsule machine. 

If you got here via the Mixed Reality Challenge QR code, you're already on your way.


- Let's Go! -



Download WallaMe

A free Augmented Reality app: for both IoS and Android. (Or you can take the easy way, and just look for an Oak Leaf in Fab@CIC's Wunderkammer.)

WallaMe for iOS WallaMe for Android


Follow Instructions to Register

It's easy! Just enter a username (pssst... again, there's the EZ way: just look for that Oak Leaf! No registration necessary.)


Find Secret Locations and the Secret Phrase

The Wallame app will display the locations around Render Coffee and Fab@CIC (Just click on the EYE at the bottom of the screen). Match the image on your phone to the location and note the word that appears via the magic of Augmented Reality.

(Then there's the Oak Leaf path to success: Just touch that Oak Leaf -- simply tap it -- and the secret word will display on that bar of scrolling text off to the left.)

Got the word? Now just speak it to the barista and you will be rewarded with a free coffee. 

(small print: limit one coffee per week per customer.)



  Mixed Reality Challenge!  

Download WallaMe
to get started!
(or just look for
that Oak Leaf)


WallaMe for iOS WallaMe for Android




  Mixed Reality Challenge!  




Fab@CIC is a creative space where people can connect, learn, and collaborate over a cup of coffee and maker technology. We're not just a digital fabrication café, but a hub for the local design and maker community that connects to a global business network.


Render Coffee 

Locally-owned Render Coffee has two celebrated locations in Boston: at 121 Devonshire Street, alongside Fab@CIC, and in Boston's South End, at 563 Columbus Avenue. In 2014 Boston magazine awarded Render best coffee shop, a distinction that Render also earned from the Boston Globe (2013). It was also named one of the best coffee shops in America by the Daily Meal.


Mixed Reality Report

DC Denison is Senior Editor, Technology, at Acquia, the digital experience company. He is also co-editor of the Maker Pro Newsletter, and a contributing editor at Make: magazine. Mixed Reality Report chronicles his exploration of Mixed Reality.