The Cast of Characters: Ingo Lohs

The Cast of Characters: Ingo Lohs

bible verses from Ingo
bible verses from Ingo

The best part of this project: the contributors, with their unexpected ideas and skills.

Open source accelerates this dynamic, since everything is available for the borrowing, the modifying, and the incorporating.

I’ve benefitted from open source mightily on this project: from casual comments on community forums to lines and lines of perfect code created specifically to patch gaping holes in my ideas.

One contributor who has significantly bolstered my mixed reality efforts: Ingo Lohs. 

Ingo is a self-effacing, almost mysterious, presence on All he says in his bio: "I am well over 40 years and come from the middle of Germany. You can contact me also in German."

Bielefeld, Germany, where Ingo is from, is about an hour away from Hanover. It has a modicum of quirky fame as the focus of "the Bielefeld Conspiracy," inspiring some Germans to claim that the city doesn't actually exist. You can look it up.  

By day, Ingo is a presales consultant at T-Systems, a German IT services and consulting company headquartered in Frankfurt, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.

Outside of work, Ingo is an energetic tinkerer at all levels. He has 78 Projects on Hackster (and 42 Followers). 

One of my favorite Ingo projects is Die Losungen (English translation: "The Solutions"). Motto: "Every Day a New Bible verse." 

Die Losungen delivers two Bible verses each day of the year: one Old Testament and one New Testament.

But Ingo really vaulted up in my estimation when he started working with 8x8 LED Matrixes.


Ingo used 8x8 matrixes for Post it!, an electronic scrolling board that allows him to communicate with his son in Australia.

Ingo uses his Post it! project around the house to indicate that "Food is ready."
Ingo uses his Post it! project around the house to indicate that "Food is ready." 


He's also curious about NeoPixels

And he's incredibly generous with his advice. He helped me figure out 8x8 LED modules and NeoPixels.

The NeoPixels and the scrolling bars of text in District Hall would not be possible without him. 

Thank you Ingo.