Boston Matt

Boston Matt

Gentleman Jack's Lower Half
Gentleman Jack's lower half

With the gachapon machines up and running, I started casting around for a new idea, a new ride to offer. Maybe something character-based? Maybe something Bostonian? 

I began exploring automata culture, and looking around the city. 

My automata explorations led me to the U.K., where this art/craft flourishes. 

As for Boston characters, there was one group of dudes I could hardly avoid as I roamed between Cambridge, Downtown Boston, and the Seaport: construction guys (and gals).

In the midst of a building boom, construction guys are probably Boston's most prominent, identifiable group of citizens who are consistently out there in public. 

Against Boston's drab gray background, construction crews are dirty bright splashes of orange and yellow (safety vests, hard hats, traffic cones), big machinery with claws, vertical columns of steam, gaping, craggy holes, and raw noise. 

That's how Boston Matt started ("Matt" just because it seemed like an archetypal Boston blue-collar name). 

And I found a perfect starter prototype at Rob Ives' excellent site: Gentleman Jack